Deep diving into the character and spirit of Percy Shelley through a comprehensive world-building.
Visual Identity

Writer. Traveler. Mystic. Scoundrel. 

English Poet Percy Shelley was a man of many tales and, as of 2021, he was the inspiration behind Soho’s latest addition - Percy’s - conveniently on Shelley Street. The namesake is a tribute to his adventures. From a British exile to a voyager along the Italian coast, his journey ended with the ocean where he laid in his final resting place. It is only fitting that Percy’s specializes in responsibly sourced seafood, served in a cozy, collective space where all walks of life gather. It is a place Percy himself would be proud of.

Hong Kong being a coastal city means rich seafood traditions are very much embedded in the local palate. As a newcomer, Percy’s takes on an ambitious challenge: How do we break down conservative notions of seafood? Seafood in Hong Kong is plentiful but the perception is always the more expensive the better and the best is served in the most upscale environments. To Percy’s: Why not switch it around? They came to Kith&Kin with the intention to be a voice for the industry, proving that high-quality seafood can be affordable, sustainable, and all the while enjoyed in space you actually want to hang out till late.


With their challenge in mind, Kith&Kin kickstarted the process with a series of branding workshops to dive deep into those pillars. Our role was to uncover what makes them unique, to which Percy’s answered “genuine gangster”. Their rebellious attitude is met with a sense of authenticity and leadership, to disrupt the market in a way that is productive. This is reflected not only in their affordable prices but also within the space and through their palate. The cozy, dimly lit ambiance is curated to create a dining experience for all six senses, not conforming to a fine-dining setting or a crowded, loud Chinese restaurant. The culinary journey is multicultural, familiar but international so their guests are traveling through flavors and ingredients. They wanted this rebellious nature to be carried throughout their identity.


Percy’s opened to a big bang with rave reviews from Tatler Asia, SCMP, and Lifestyle Asia. Since its opening, Percy’s continues to roll out a range of experiences including their oyster shucking masterclasses.

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TAXA, Vivianne Moh, Richard Phipson
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