Dr Fern’s Gin Parlour

Telling the story of a speak easy bar boasting one of the world's largest gin collections.
Visual Identity

Dr Fern’s Gin Parlour is where Dr Fern treats patients with various concoctions of fresh, local herbs and botanicals that are paired with gins from around the world. Doctor Fern wanted to bring his wonderland alive and to make his eccentric parlour a recognisable place to drop in for a daily “check-up” or prescription.


We created a visual identity that brings Dr Fern’s wonderland alive, inspired by the blending of fine gin and his love for aromatic botanicals. The logo, true to Dr Fern’s profession, was a replica of a doctor’s prescription that he uses to prescribe his patient’s ailments with tailor-made concoctions of local herbs and gin pairing.

As Dr Fern’s boasts a wide variety of gins, we designed a flavour wheel menu system that makes it easy for customers to choose from the selection of 200 gins. We also custom-designed wallpaper and artwork using a vintage botanical drawing style and worked with interior designer Nelson Chow to bring the space to life.


Dr Fern’s has become the perfect place to be prescribed a healthy dose of gin and other libations to your daily regiment. Since opening, Dr Fern’s has excelled in its prescriptions and patient treatment so much so they have been given a coveted spot on acclaimed Asia’s 50 Best Bars.

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