Crafts on Peel

The new home for the preservation & rejuvenation of Chinese cultural heritage.
Visual Identity

Located in a historic building in the heart of Hong Kong, Crafts on Peel is a not-for-profit creative and experiential venue. They serve as a collaborative platform and aspire to preserve and perpetuate traditional craftsmanship.


The identity needed to capture their message about how South Asian craft can be functional and not just art. We created a visual identity concept based on the stories of craftsmen. The logo reflects Crafts on Peel’s commitment to preserving Chinese cultural heritage. The logo is composed of a pair of “hands” (手) in two Chinese characters – the fundamental tool for a craftsman – are combined to form the Chinese character “I” (我), which is the idea that each craft originates from a personal story of the individual craftsman.


The opening of the exhibition was a success, and we have since continued to work with Crafts on Peel for their other exhibition events. Our visual identity design also won a Design for Asia (DFA) 2020 award.

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Annette Chu
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